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Think You’re Too Young To Be Planning Your Retirement? 

No way! The sooner you start the better off you’ll be. KiwiSaver is an easy way to save towards your first home and your retirement.

KiwiSaver for some of us, is out first investment experience, so how do you know if it’s being managed and invested in line with your needs and goals. Choosing to save into a KiwiSaver scheme is an important financial decision. Government and employer KiwiSaver contributions will help you build your retirement wealth. By participating in KiwiSaver, you can take charge of your financial future.

The key is to choose a KiwiSaver scheme that is appropriate to your personal situation. We know there are many KiwiSaver schemes to choose from and you can invest in only one. Let us help you explore which one maybe right for you.

If you are already a member of another scheme you can easily change from your current KiwiSaver scheme provider using our fuss free process.


In addition to KiwiSaver almost all of us need an additional savings program.

Begin a savings program now by setting aside a small amount each week and see how that can make a big difference.

Having a savings program outside of KiwiSaver means your money isn’t locked up which gives you more flexibility.

It’s nice to be financially independent. NZ Funds research recommends we need to save 9%. Using your KiwiSaver to get to 6%, then top up with Wealth Builder to get to 9%.

WealthBuilder is NOT locked in!

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Income Generator

Losing interest in your bank?

If your savings have been sitting in term deposits for the last few years it is likely your returns haven’t been very interesting…

Maybe you’re thinking it’s time to venture beyond your bank but don’t know where to start?

Income Generator is a new fund, invested primarily in premium New Zealand and Australian dividend-paying shares. It is designed with the goal of passing these dividends on to you as regular income.

Balance Advisors Insurance

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We’re very pleased to offer you access to an insurer who provides a direct and comprehensive leisure travel policy.

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