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Balance Advisors — Whangarei, NZ, — Family Having Fun

There is no decision we can make that doesn’t come with some sort of balance or sacrifice.

-Simon Sinek

Our Number One Focus Is Getting To Know You.

It’s critical that we fully understand the risks you face and the environment you work in. Through this and an understanding of your risk appetite, we will assist you purchasing an insurance protection plan that suits your needs. We believe there’s an obvious relationship between price and quality, and this statement sums it up nicely. Price is important, but it’s certainly not everything. In some cases, it’s better to participate in a scheme or a buying group to get the benefits of bulk buying. However, there is nothing wrong with the traditional broking service of checking the market and using our strong relationships with insurers to get you the best deal.

We Put Relationships First.

One of the best parts of our business is being able to build long term relationships with our clients. We work closely to get to know their unique needs and offer the best possible service. What keeps us going is the real buzz out of getting to meet new people and being their go-to for insurance advice.

Balance Advisors — Whangarei, NZ, — Family Enjoying
Balance Advisors — Whangarei, NZ, — Our Team

Meet Our Experienced And Friendly Team.

Director Gareth Wallace set up Balance Advisors with the goal of not only providing friendly service but is also committed to building excellent relationships and advice. Lee Reo has recently joined the Balance Advisors team. Lee combines her passion for making the insurance process simple, with the goal of making sure clients have all the protection they need.

What We Are, And What We’re Not.

We act as your risk advisor and advocate, not a salesperson.

We get to know you, not sell you insurance products.

We provide great service, all the time, not when it suits.

We believe the price is always important, but it’s not everything.

We want to have a long term business relationship with you, not just pick up your business and then focus on the next client.

We charge industry-standard documentation fees, not a standard percentage to keep trips to Rarotonga regular!

We want to give back to the community and become a responsible local business, not send profits offshore.

We want to do all your insurances. We might not make a huge profit out of doing your son’s car insurance, but we do want to be your first point of contact.

We want to introduce you to some great people we know that also have the same ethics and standards we do. We don’t have referral networks. We have colleagues and peers that can help you if you need it.

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PO Box 709, Whangarei 0140

11B James Street, Whangarei

Servicing clients “Northland and afar”

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