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Keeping Wheels Under You For Leisure or Business

Balance Advisors have negotiated a unique service that keeps you on the road and in the loop in the event of any vehicle accident claim. The Crash Management facility is free of charge for all of our clients and delivers a one-call solution, from the point of impact through to the day of re-delivery.

For us here at Balance Advisors, it’s important that we can guarantee your quick recovery from a crash, accident or other incident involving your personal or work vehicle.

Crash Management is a free service which keeps a set of wheels under you while managing all the processes that necessarily follow any vehicle mishap. They make certain everything is dealt with so you can be back on the road immediately following a crash.

Dealing with the minutiae of such events can be time-consuming, frustrating, anxiety-ridden, and can also cost quite a bit of money. The free Crash Management service lets you get on with your life while it takes care of the tow-truck, the courtesy car or rental, the inevitable phone-calls, quotes, forms, and correspondence, and they keep you informed the whole way. They also keep your insurer completely in the picture. The simplicity of dealing with one company to sort out the claim and related paperwork is an absolute boon when so many other things can require your attention at a stressful time.

We highly recommend Crash Management as a one-stop service that comes to you with keys for a loan car as soon as possible after you have had a vehicle mishap.
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Free Crash Management Service Relieves Stress

Crash Management offers fleet service options, health and safety compliance inspections, and resources to help reduce the likelihood of an accident, they also provide:

24/7 nationwide response when an accident has occurred – one call sorts it all

Salvage co-ordination and emergency assistance

Fleet driver injury notifications

Fleet driver rescue and repatriation

Free pick-up and delivery to or from your home or office

Advocacy and assistance with the insurance process

A loan vehicle while your car or trade vehicle is repaired.

Car valet on completion of repair work

Crash Management is the largest independent automotive accident repair management provider in New Zealand. Initiated in 2000, the company won the Insurance Industry Award 2009 for Innovation of the Year. They’re movers and shakers whose core people all come from various automotive industry sectors bringing a vast body of hands-on knowledge with them. Crash Management contracts 130 quality collision repair facilities nationwide so your vehicle can be repaired at a location near you.

As your Northland-based insurance advisor, we work to connect you with top-quality motor vehicle insurance policies, whether for single private vehicles or business fleets. We insist that you get the best available vehicle insurance cover for every type of vehicle. That includes mobile plant and equipment, heavy machinery, passenger transport operators, courier vehicles and hired, or borrowed, plant. Augmenting those policies with Crash Management’s free service helps me stay on top of your claim, and saves you time, money, and stress.

Get in touch with us if you need help registering for the Crash Management service. Along with your policy, the knowledge that good professional hands will be around you with just one call, life on the road is simpler.

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