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Cyber ProtectionLife these days is all about technology, whether we like it or not. We often spend our workday on our computers, our lives are run by the calendar on our phones and our iPads are used for everything from checking the weather to reading the local newspaper.

How reliant are you on technology these days? Scarily so for many businesses, and in my line of work, it’s imperative for me to ask the ‘what ifs’. With so many scammers, phishers and hackers out there, you need to be protected against a possible hacking attack on your system or a rampant virus attack. These days this happens all too often to be complacent about and many simple anti-virus or malware systems won’t always protect you.

Examples can be found everywhere – the optometrist who heads into work one morning to discover that not only has his system been hacked and shut down, but a ransom has been requested from him to enable his systems again (and in most cases, the ransom is paid and the systems still completely blocked for use!). Imagine not being able to use your computer-based booking or invoicing systems because of ransomware.

How would your business cope? What would you do if you had to operate with just the paper and pen basics of past times? Are you covered in case it all turns to custard?

Protect yourself before it’s too late – through Balance Insurance I can offer you a range of different cyber and privacy protection products that not only offer you cover, but expert advice if anything goes wrong. In these situations, especially if you have been hacked, are targeted by ransomware; or have fallen prey to a phishing expedition; you need forensic computer experts that can guide you through the minefield that awaits you. One wrong move and your server and its operating systems are gone forever. These experts are highly specialised, and they keep calm under pressure, giving you sound advice when you need it most.

Don’t take your cyber systems and privacy for granted – talk to me to see you can protect yourself with the best insurance cover for you. Don’t wait for the “what if” to become the “what now”.

Gareth Wallace is the director and insurance adviser for Balance Insurance in Northland and Auckland.