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Here at Balance Advisors we have a six step insurance advice process.

Step One is all about getting to know you as our client.

We will discuss your financial life, including your current financial situation, goals and risk management. Getting to know you also includes your current relationships, family life, working situation and so forth. We review your current insurance, looking at whether the policies are fitting for you and whether there is anything we can change to benefit you. This first step is crucial in ensuring we get the right insurance for you.

From here we ‘analyse and elevate’ which is Step Two.

This step sees us as your insurance brokers, finding the best, and appropriate insurance for you and your situation. This includes finding the best deal from an array of insurance providers. Essentially we are your personal shoppers – shopping around for the best insurance deals, policies and cover for you.

Step Three is next, ‘solutions and options’ stage.

At this stage we will present you with a number of quotes, showing you different options and policies, and what sort of cover you can get at different prices. We are presenting you with YOUR options – the options that work for you and your situation; any changes you wish to make can be made.

Step Four – ‘Finalising the Paperwork’.

Once you have made a decision, we complete the important documents with you, managed the underwriting process, make any necessary adjustments, and then the cover is put in place. You are fully insured by the end of Step Four.

Step Five – ‘Keeping on top of things’.

Over time, changes happen in our lives, such as, we move houses, we buy new cars, we have children, and we get married. With many changes happening over time, different insurances will be needed, depending on where you are in your life. It is such a great idea to review your insurance either annually, remember this doesn’t cost a thing.

And lastly, Step Six – ‘making a claim’.

If you need to make a claim, just get in touch with us and we will help you through the claim process. With our help it can be a simple process!

We are here to help you through the whole insurance process. If you would like to discuss your insurance needs with us, please contact Gareth and Lee at Balance Advisors.

Gareth & Lee
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