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Insurance PolicyInsurance – it’s that necessary evil that you make sure you have, but really don’t want to use and only if something goes wrong, do you really appreciate what you have… or realise what you don’thave.

In my years as an insurance broker, I have seen and heard it all – either through my own work orthat of colleagues within the industry, whether its crazy claims, the underinsured or the over-insured. And that is why there are brokers like myself around. We are here to make sure you have the cover you need, year on year. And that is why insurance renewals are just so important.

Renewals are an important part of keeping up with your coverage – what has changed in the past year that may make a difference to your home and contents insurance, your business insurance or your car insurance? Take a moment to read the fine print; it could save you stress, money and time later on. Don’t let your insurance renewal float by unattended, and don’t just sign it and return it without reading it at all.

Post Canterbury earthquake times show fears are heightened with people stressing they are under insured, as a lot of families were in the major quake of 2011. Are you trying to save on premiums and taking short cuts on cover? The old saying “cheap for a reason” shines through here. Have you itemised specific high value keepsakes? And on the flipside, are you paying too much for cover that actually is more than you need?

Simply put, talk to me. An insurance broker can literally save your lifestyle and that of your family through making sure your insurance needs are exactly what they should be. Don’t become a statistic of those who miss out when things go bad; don’t become entangled in an ugly courtroom battle with a large insurance company; be one of the good, happy stories where the cover is appropriate for your time in need.

Check your cover, or let me check it for you. Keep an eye out for your insurance renewal. Let me help you rest easy at night.

Gareth Wallace is the director for Balance Insurance, providing insurance brokering services to Northland and Auckland.