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electricianWhat do sparkies, chippies and mechanics have in common?

Defective workmanship coverage is coming back.

All kinds of tradespeople run the risk of causing damage during their work. An electrician might accidentally drop an expensive computer control unit whilst installing it. A builder might leave structural problems in the woodwork while constructing a deck, or your mechanic may leave your engine without a sump plug after a routine service, leading to the engine running dry and overheating.

What many business people are not aware of is that public liability insurance policies specifically exclude costs associated with errors and omissions caused by defective workmanship.

The good news about defective workmanship coverage

However, the good news is that today there are a few select insurers now offering limited Defective Workmanship insurance.

My job as an insurance broker in Northland and Auckland is to read the fine print and match a person’s jobs and duties with coverage that won’t leave good tradies unprotected when dramas occur before a job is completed.

Here’s another great example of why it’s so important to ensure defective workmanship is covered by your public liability insurance:

You’re a Whangarei electrician installing a large industrial hot water cylinder in a factory and you wire the cylinder yourself. If you were to make unforeseen errors during the wiring which meant the cylinder malfunctioned and is damaged beyond repair, the cost of the replacement cylinder would only be covered if the insurance policy did not exclude defective workmanship.


Precisely how much you are covered for is something I help work out for my clients. After all, some insurance policies can sound promising but could potentially have traps in them, leaving you high and dry when you expected to be covered. My job is to listen while you describe the types of work you’re going to want to be covered for and to work out an insurance package with premiums which are not too heavy and not too light.

The best part is the defective workmanship extension is normally built-in to the insurance packages I’m offering, meaning I find you the right insurance coverage for no extra cost. Demystifying insurance jargon to find you a policy with the right cover is what my job is all about.

Whether your work exposes you to errors which need a few thousand dollars paid to cover costs, or whether you have to pay when property is completely destroyed, I’m here in Whangarei, ready to help.

Balance Insurance Advisors matches good insurance with good people so please give me a ring on (09) 283 9439 or 022 0663114 when you’re ready for my help.

Cheers, Gareth.