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We all love to have a good laugh at funny You Tube clips of crazy disasters or cringe worthy moments – like the time a truck driving with hundreds of litres of yellow paint was hit on a motorway in Europe, leaving paint for literally miles, combined with all over the driver and the interior of his truck – but what if that person was you sitting there, covered entirely and dripping in paint, wondering where you had gone wrong? What would you do?

Closer to home, we have seen examples on the news and programmes featuring  police on our roads where something so simple had turned bad, like the truck with trailers full of fish heads and bones that accidentally, and without realising it until too late, left a trail for kilometres behind it on a Waikato expressway. This left the driver dealing with police and a very smelly, oily and unpleasant situation that was not only affecting his work day, but hundreds of vehicles who had to contend with a smelly commute.

What would you do? Would you be covered for these clean up costs?

And there are the accidents or losses around the home – I could tell plenty of stories that I have heard in the many years I have been in this industry, each one of them as unfortunate as the others. The weird, the wacky and the wonderful – we experience it all, it’s called life and that is why we have insurance.

In my line of work, covering you for the unexpected and unusual is all part of my day. Whether it’s the mundane or the extraordinary, your insurance policy should be there to help.
There is never a perfect time to take a moment to get your policies checked over, but before your annual renewal date is probably the most ideal and if not, any of the other 364 days of the year work just as well. Don’t leave it too late or until you too are sitting in your truck, soaked through to your underwear in bright yet slimy wet paint, pondering your situation and how you’re going to pay for the clean up?.

Contact me today for an obligation free, no cost review of your insurances, before the proverbial paint dries and you are stuck in one big mess.