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The big advantage with this offering from Chubb is the convenience.

Chubb Insurance is a world leader for leisure travel insurance, so we’re very pleased to offer you access to an insurer who provides a direct and comprehensive leisure travel policy which  can be purchased online 24/7, any time, any day.

Leisure travel insurance provides cover for unexpected issues that can happen while you’re out in the big bright world, from flight or baggage delays, to accidental injury, rental vehicle accidents, trip cancellation, overseas medical expenses, and a slew of potentially unwelcome other surprises. This Chubb product offers peace of mind from the moment of purchase, to after settlement of a claim.

The big advantage with this offering from Chubb is the convenience.

Simply click the button below to begin. You’ll be guided through a quick, easy process, and you pay with your credit card. All done!

More than half a million travellers each year trust Chubb Travel Insurance to provide cover for their holidays. (Is this correct? If so where did you get the information?) With Chubb Travel Insurance, their policy holders receive:

Alternatively, if you happen to be going overseas for a business trip or you’re looking for a product tailored towards annual travel insurance, we are very happy to assist and have a number of options available. Please contact us today and we will run you through the various options available.

Balance Advisors are available to meet from the Far North through to Auckland. We still like doing business the traditional way, and if you do too, then give a call and let’s chat.