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Balance Advisors

Lee specialises in helping you assess your financial situation and finds solutions to protect those you love.

Lee has been working in the financial services industry for 10 plus years and offers all personal and business insurance protection services along with additional financial strategies for you such as KiwiSaver, Wealth Builder and Income Generator.

In 2019 Lee joined Balance Advisors, bringing an eclectic mix of experience in management for office, small business and key accounts; along with administration in Trusts, accountancy, marketing and customer care. Lee has gained a myriad of experience and this challenges her to ‘think outside the square’.

With a young family of her own, Lee knows very well the importance of having a bespoke protection plan for your loved ones. She asks you this… “what would happen to you, your family, your hard-earned assets if you suffered an unexpected event and couldn’t work for awhile or forever?” Have you asked yourself this question? Many people believe having a protection plan for yourself and your loved ones is a great cost. Only you know your budget. Could you, your family manage financially on half, or a third of the dollars currently coming into your bank account? This may be your only entitlement with ACC and/or Government support. The real cost is not protecting yourself…

Lee can show you the statistics of how often ‘life can take an unexpected turn’ however would rather demonstrate how simple, effective and affordable the process is. For your “peace of mind” chat, call 022 393 7887. Lee specialises in helping you focus on what’s important. Living a great life!

Lee thrives on building a strong and trusting relationship with you, and will provide benefical support plus viable solutions for your insurance protection plan.